Short-Term 1-on-1 Coaching

Mindset & performance coaching for entrepreneurs who want to be successful financially and emotionally

You didn’t start your business to feel the way you do today.

Not for the stress. The sleepless nights. The solitude.

The loss of energy to continue making your ideas and goals a reality.

The time spent away from your friends and family (and don’t even think about having the time to pick up a hobby or actually go on a trip!).

And yet, that’s where you are today.

So, what can you do to get back feeling good – and energized by your work and your life – again?

And that’s where I can offer support as a Mindset & Performance Coach that works with entrepreneurs to break through the subconscious blocks getting in their way. So they can feel like themselves again, have their energy restored, and regain a sense of purpose.

“During our coaching session, Doris took me through the process of facing my fears and blocks in my business so I could see the problem from different perspectives and find new solutions. She helped me see all the limitations and false beliefs I had projected on my business that were causing me stress and blocking me from moving forward. 

Since then, thanks to Doris, I’ve been able to find much more balance in my life and get done what I needed to get done with ease and joy (and I’ve actually been able to accomplish far more than my original to-do list!).

I highly recommend Doris not only to other business owners, but to anyone who wants to get more from their life.”

Identify the subconscious emotional,
mental & performance blocks holding you back

By nature of being subconscious, many entrepreneurs don’t even realize their blocks are there. That’s why, as part of our work together, I’ll utilize techniques that will support you in identifying and getting to the root of what’s making you struggle today.

From there, I’ll support you in finding where your limiting belief patterns began, spotting emotions getting in the way of your success, and putting your finger on inner attitudes and mindsets that aren’t serving you.

Move through your blocks with hands-on,
ground & stress-relieving coaching techniques

Unlike many other types of coaching, our sessions together will not be strictly talk based.

Instead, I’ll guide you by using hands-on techniques that can provide quick results, grounding techniques that can work through subconscious blocks, and stress-relieving techniques that can relax your mind to give you better focus, more confidence, and can get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Of course, the techniques I use in our sessions will vary based on what exactly the client needs.

However, I am trained or certified in, and regularly use, the following in my sessions:

  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • The Wingwave® method for performance & emotional coaching
  • Time Line Therapy®
  • Hypnosis (Milton Erickson Approach)
  • Mediation
  • Energy work

Have the chance to learn strategies you can
use to “coach” yourself in just 3-5 sessions

During our sessions, not only will I offer support as a coach, but I’ll also do my best to teach you the techniques and strategies I use myself during our sessions.

Because of this, many of my clients see very quick results and learn strategies to improve their situation by themselves in just 3-5 sessions together.

What my clients are saying

Doris has a large repertoire of coaching techniques and a unique background that allows her to give you clarity and a new perspective on whatever you need.

She also has an ability to create a safe space that allows you to feel comfortable and that your problems are being taken seriously. Highly recommended.” 


“I came to Doris to get help working through a serious job crisis. Thanks to her, I’ve become more stable emotionally and stayed healthy throughout a very difficult period. 

And through Doris’s coaching, I’ve developed the courage to totally change my life and become self employed, allowing me to find joy and fulfillment in my work life.”


“I was undergoing a critical situation in my work life when I first came to Doris, and I saw very quick results. 

With just a single session, Doris was able to help me recenter and reground myself. And with just two sessions, I felt more solid and relearned how to trust myself (and felt an immense inner freedom alongside this).”


Before coaching, many clients told me they:

  • Felt heavy, purposeless, and not like themselves
  • Found their work had become a burden
  • Were no longer able come up with ideas or solutions to problems in their business like they used to
  • Had a hard time sleeping or found themselves constantly stressed
  • Believed their to-do list was impossible
  • Were unable to reach their goals no matter what they did
  • Struggled to lead their employees and found they were underperforming
  • Had already met their goals but felt lost about next steps
  • Often felt lonely and like no one else understood what they were going through as an entrepreneur

After coaching, many clients told me they:

  • Finally feel like themselves again
  • No longer let their life run on autopilot
  • Sense a return of their ideas, creativity, and excitement for their work and life
  • Are able to solve many of the problems or make the decisions in their  business that previously felt overwhelming
  • Feel lighter and have a brighter outlook on the world
  • Look forward to their future instead of dreading it
  • Restructure their thoughts for more clarity and confidence in their lives
  • Not only reach their goals, but also create new ones to aim for
  • Learned the coaching tools and techniques that they can use on themselves anytime they want clarity or need to remove a block

Don’t let your unconscious blocks get the better of you. Start working through them by joining me today for a free, 15-minute clarity session.