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No, you don’t need to prepare anything for the clarity call

(and answers to other common questions).  

What will happen on our clarity call? 

For you, the call will be quite simple! We’ll have a relaxed, low-stress conversation where I simply ask some questions to get to know you and understand your situation better. From there, we’ll start exploring what you’re struggling with and what you want to achieve.  

During the call, I’ll also share a bit about the structure of my coaching and will be honest about if I believe I can help or not. If we believe each other to be a good fit, we can consider moving forward to set up future appointments, determine your goals for coaching, and create a plan.  

What if I don’t really know how to explain what I’m struggling with? 

This is a pretty common concern before a clarity call, and I assure you it’s 100% normal. Even if you’re finding it a challenge to describe where you are today, don’t let that hold you back from joining me for a call. Together, we’ll work to start figuring it out. 

What happens after I reach out above?  

Within 48 hours, I’ll reach back out to you with some dates and times to choose from. Once you’ve chosen one, I’ll send you a confirmation email and a Microsoft Teams link to our call. 

And as I said above, there’s no need to prepare anything before we speak – just bringing yourself is plenty!  

Doris has a large repertoire of coaching techniques and a unique background that allows her to give you clarity and a new perspective on whatever you need.

She also has an ability to create a safe space that allows you to feel comfortable and that your problems are being taken seriously. Highly recommended.” 

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“I came to Doris to get help working through a serious job crisis. Thanks to her, I’ve become more stable emotionally and stayed healthy throughout a very difficult period. 

And through Doris’s coaching, I’ve developed the courage to totally change my life and become self employed, allowing me to find joy and fulfillment in my work life.”

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“I was undergoing a critical situation in my work life when I first came to Doris, and I saw very quick results.

With just a single session, Doris was able to help me recenter and reground myself. And with just two sessions, I felt more solid and relearned how to trust myself (and felt an immense inner freedom alongside this).”

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