There’s two sides to every story. My entrepreneurial story included.

My Story Version #1: The Side Everyone Saw

I was only 30, but I was already the Human Resources Director of a German of a large international company.

A few years later, I founded my first business: a personnel consulting and temp agency that I ran for more than a decade until it successfully sold in 2012. Along the way, I also founded a second business (a coaching and mediation business), held various Head of HR roles for a number of German and international companies as an interim manager, and had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful places all over the world.

By all normal measures, my professional journey seemed like the very picture of success. But there was also another side.

My Story Version #2: The Side Only I Saw 

Alongside the “picture of success” you just read, I got divorced. Dealt with another difficult breakup years later. Made bad financial decisions that lost money. Got hit hard by the dot-com bubble and 2008 financial crisis.

I put on a brave face at the office, but after hours, things were tough. I was struggling and questioning whether or not this was really the journey I wanted my life to take. And perhaps worst of all, I no longer felt free (and of all the values, freedom is what is most important to me).

After cycling through several periods of frustration and a lack of motivation that were challenging to overcome, I realized I couldn’t continue on like this.

But then I was stuck with a serious, seemingly impossible decision: do I keep my consulting company and hire a managing director? Or sell it?

And although this period of my life felt incredibly overwhelming at the time, it brought me to where I am today. Where I have finally found what I believe to be my life purpose (and what I believe I was unconsciously missing before and what was responsible for my earlier cycles of frustration and lack of motivation).

This period also gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing coaches who, quite literally, saved my life. And inspired me to continue doing the same for other struggling entrepreneurs.

My Story Today

Today, I’m a Mindset & Performance coach that helps entrepreneurs around the world. As of today, I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, teams, and other individuals through the mental blocks getting in the way of their financial and emotional success.

Along my journey as an entrepreneur for 30 years and a coach for 20, I’ve trained with top coaches and industry experts to learn (and often become certified in) a variety of healing, hands-on, and neuroscience-backed coaching techniques  including:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Practitioner, Master, Trainer and Coach)
  • Hypnosis (Ericksonian Approach)
  • Mediation (internationally-certified mediator DACH)
  • Time Line Therapy (Master Practitioner)
  • Wingwave method for performance & emotional coaching

So if you’re a fellow entrepreneur who looks “great” on the outside but is struggling on the inside…

…Then join me for a free, 15-minute clarity session to see how I can help you get back to feeling like yourself again.